Are Burning Candles Bad for You? Benefits of Candle-Burning

The way candles are used to benefit us has evolved over the years. From their utilitarian use of being a source of light during dark and cold evenings, candles have illuminated our lives in more ways than one. Candles have been used for the purpose of providing light for more than 5,000 years, yet little is known about their origin. Regardless of where candles came from, the way we use them has surpassed their initial purpose and can now benefit humanity in a plethora of ways. However, are burning candles bad for you? In short, no! There are actually several benefits of candle-burning - which we're going to get to in this blog!

Candle’s developments and their impacts occurred during the 19th century when paraffin wax was introduced in the 1850s when advancements in science allowed chemists to refine petroleum to separate the wax in it. However, after the invention of light bulbs, candle-making started to lose popularity as people found candles no longer necessary. This all changed, however, when humanity found ways to revolutionize the way we use and perceive candles. Once again, candles began to grow traction in terms of their use when we discovered that candles are more than just sources of light.

Here are 8 benefits of candle-burning:

Candles Light Up a Room

Before proceeding with the more “revolutionary” ways we can make use of our candles, we should first get rid of the obvious. One way we use candles is that we can use them to illuminate a room. Candles were created to be a source of light and they still fulfill their primary duty today. The warm flicker of the light can fill up a room with its orange hue, providing luminance that, otherwise, would not be there.

Candles Create a Peaceful Ambiance

For centuries, candles have been used as a tool to manipulate an atmosphere to make a calm ambiance. We recently wrote a detailed blog on how you can use candles to set the mood... Click here to read it! Ultimately, we explain that candles are more than just mere props that you can put up and forget about. They have a lot of unlocked potentials if you use them smartly. Furthermore, candles are inexpensive, portable, and provide a full-sensory experience to elevate your day.

The flicker of a candle produces a lovely ambiance that is simply irreplaceable. Lighting multiple spots in your home with a good-quality scented candle will surely create a cozy effect and provide you with an intimate atmosphere. It will instantaneously give a welcoming and warm aura if you leave a few well-placed candles here and there.

Candles Make Great Home Decor

Candles are a stylish way to add a modern touch to a room. They're a wonderful finishing accent that will elevate any room in your house. If you wish to add a soft touch, then you should opt to use subtle and muted colors like our white secret message candles here at Hidden Candle! Our candles include an experience... They have hidden messages inside of the candle - which you slowly burn down to. Check out our scents by clicking here! On the other hand, you can choose to go the spicy route and create a visual impact if you opt to decorate a room with bright and bold-colored candles. Due to this wide array of color options as well as candle styles, candles can be extremely versatile as a decor.

Bathroom candles provide a spa-like sanctuary, while strategically-placed candles in your living room will make it cozier and intimate. Furthermore, you can use candles in your study to help you focus and enhance your studying session, or use pillars, containers, or votive candles as centerpieces on your dining table. Candles look good in any room you put them in!

Candles Make Rooms Smell Amazing

Using scented, aromatherapy candles can surely add a subtle fragrance to your space. The wide variety of options you can opt for is practically endless! You can choose candles with citrus notes to brighten up a room with its scent, making you feel more energized and awake. On the other hand, you can purchase candles with woody, masculine, and musky scent notes to help you focus and feel grounded. Scented candles can also help you cover up unwelcome odors to avoid an unpleasant experience.

Soy wax candles provide you with such fragrances because it has a sufficient scent throw without the soot. You can check our candle collection with carefully curated scent blends by clicking here!

Candles Are Used to Meditate and Pray With

Lighting up a scented candle during your meditation and prayers is a wonderful way to facilitate and support it. There are numerous visual exercises and meditation techniques, but candles help you focus when praying and meditating because of their warm flicker. Furthermore, candles have been historically used for ceremonial purposes because of this same reason. It manifests the calm ambiance we were talking about previously which is extremely beneficial for anything that requires focus.

Candles Can Improve Your Health

Yes, you read that right! Burning candles can be beneficial for your health! Part of a healthy lifestyle is ensuring that you are taking good care of yourself, which includes both your physical health and your mental health. Taking care of your mind and body by indulging yourself with a candle here and there can induce a perfect sense of calm and wellbeing. There have been claims as well that candles can help with anxiety and depression, so we think that lighting a candle is a win-win situation. Traditional practices also use candles for other applications like ear candling to get rid of earwax buildup.

These health benefits, however, can only be achieved with the right candles. Not all candles are created equal, and using paraffin wax or other mineral wax candles can do more harm than good. Melting paraffin can release harmful chemicals and toxins like benzene and formaldehyde, both of which are known carcinogens (substances that may cause cancer in excessive amounts)! Therefore, we recommend our soy wax candles here at Hidden Candle!

Candles Can Be Extremely Nostalgic

The rise of the popularity of scented candles led to the formulation of a lot of unique scents. Our sense of smell is strongly tied with our memories - that warm scent of baked cookies can bring us back to our childhood when our grandmothers are making us treats to eat; the fresh scent of the ocean breeze can remind us of our family gathering years ago; the scent of an open field will bring back memories of picnics and running around a vast meadow. Because of this sense of olfaction, candles can help us experience certain memories and induce nostalgia. There are countless options of scents to choose from and choosing the right combination of scents can probably help you trigger those warm memories.

Not only can candles induce these memories, but they can also help us with remembering certain people who we may have lost. We can use candles to hold vigils and pick scents that we strongly associated with our loved ones. Many churches have tables specifically stationed so you can light a candle for a person we wish to remember.

When you are traveling, you can also bring a piece of your home with you if you decide to bring a candle. Make sure you pick a scent that strongly reminds you of your home and light it up when you feel lonely and sad. This singular candle can help transform a small space into your sanctuary that you can bring with you wherever you choose to go.

Candles Are Romantic

There's a reason why candlelit dinners are extremely popular in the romance world. Keep the spark of your relationship alive with a little candlelight. The slow flicker and the subtle warmth of a candle lighting up a dark room provide such an intimate atmosphere that lends well to dates between you and your partner. Nothing enhances a moment quite like this – the subtle lighting you get from your candle is sure to spice that relationship up!

Conclusion of Are Burning Candles Bad for You? Benefits of Candle-Burning

Candle-burning has noted an increase in its popularity and use - thanks to all the benefits of candle-burning. Hopefully, we were able to answer your question of "are burning candles bad for you?"! Candles are associated with celebrations, symbolize peace and serenity, increase the romantic ambiance of a room, and emanate a ceremonial aura. Furthermore, they can transform the atmosphere of any indoor and outdoor space by adding warm lighting without the harshness that comes with traditional bulbs. The soft flicker and its muffled sounds create a relaxing atmosphere and warmth that entices a lot of people. For all of these mentioned benefits, candles have become a staple in almost all households.

Thank you so much for reading our blog, and we hope that you get to check out our incredible smelling candles at Hidden Candle. Like we mentioned, our candles have hidden messages inside of them - so not only are they candles, but they're also experiences, too. You can check all of our beautiful products out here! If you do purchase one, be sure to tag us on Instagram using our handle @HiddenCandleCo- so we get to experience it with you!