Are Soy Candles Toxic?

If you've ever wondered, "are soy candles toxic?", then you've come to the right place. In short, the answer to that question is absolutely not - Soy candles are not toxic! Here at Hidden Candle, our candles are made with soy wax. They're free of paraffin and are cruelty-free. In this blog, we're going to talk about why candles created from soy wax are better than candles made with other types of wax like paraffin. So, without further ado, let's get into the question, "are soy candles toxic?"

Why Soy Candles Are Better

There are several reasons as to why soy candles are better than other candles made with wax like paraffin. Let's take a look at the difference between soy wax vs paraffin wax. 

Soy Wax vs Paraffin Wax

Soy is a renewable resource that burns clean and doesn't emit any harmful toxins into your home, unlike paraffin which contains chemicals that can seep out of the candle and be inhaled by you or your family members. A lot of people have allergies or asthma, so it's important to make sure you're using a type of wax that won't cause an allergic reaction and will burn cleanly without emitting any harmful chemicals into the air in your home.

Paraffin is a by-product of the oil industry, so in addition to not being renewable it's also made from fossil fuels. Not only does this create an environmental concern and contribute more carbon into our atmosphere but paraflin candles can release harmful chemicals through their smoke that are bad for your lungs like benzene or formaldehyde - both known carcinogens! But soy wax doesn't have any comparable negative aspects because its natural properties mean you won’t be exposed to these dangerous toxins when using them at home with loved ones around."

why soy candles are better

Is Soy Wax Toxic?

All things considered we think everyone should choose something better than toxic, by choosing an eco-friendly alternative. The more natural, renewable soy wax is a better option than paraffin based candles because it's not only been shown to be toxic when used in commercial settings like restaurants or hotels but also doesn't have any comparable negative aspects of its own that would put people at risk from harmful toxins.This is why soy candles are better in our opinion!

Candles that are made from soy wax tend to smell better than other types of candles, too! If you've thought "is soy wax toxic?" and thought the answer was yes, we're here to debunk that! Soy wax is not toxic! They have a much more clean scent which is perfect for rooms with large open spaces like living or dining room areas and their long burning time ensures you don't need to buy the same candle over again when it runs out so there's no waste. The longer the candle lasts, the better. (Although, we do always end up having more and more candles around our home... They're addicting!)

The only downside to soy candles are their higher price point since they're hand-made with natural materials like essential oils or pure beeswax which makes them a bit pricier than other types - yet worth it because you don't need as many for your home due t heir long burning time. This isn't always the case. There are many affordable soy wax candles on the market... Like ours!

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is soy wax toxic

Here are some tips on how use your soy candle safely:

- Try lighting your candle up at least three feet away from anything flammable or electrical

- Make sure they're out before leaving home (or going into another room where one might be burning) so as much heat can escape without danger while keeping air circulation strong around all sides

Conclusion of Are Soy Candles Toxic

In conclusion we want everyone reading our blog post about "are soy candles toxic"? to make the safe choice and not to be scared of soy candles! They're here to make your environment healthier than it would be with a candle full of toxins. It's normal to be obsessed with candles... We are, too! So, the more candles you have, the more scents around your home. Make sure those seats are eco-friendly by purchasing soy candles. 

So, is soy wax toxic? Absolutely not! In conclusion, the main reason why soy candles are better is because soy wax is a natural product, derived from oil pressed out during manufacturing process (soybeans). This means they contain no petroleum at all - an environmentally friendly alternative! They're also biodegradable which makes them safer for disposal in landfills because it won't contaminate ground water or pollute oceans with toxic chemicals that can harm marine life like paraffin based products do...not only this but there's less carbon dioxide emissions when burning high quality beeswax so you get eco-friendly benefits too!

Thank you so much for reading our blog! We hoped we were able to answer your question on "are soy candles toxic?" and go over soy wax vs paraffin wax. Don't forget to check out our incredible smelling candles at Hidden Candle!