Best Candle Scent Combinations for Spring

As we approach the season of blossoming trees and flowers, the prospect of spring becomes more and more exciting! Perhaps this year more than ever, you started noticing the shift of the season as you go out your doors – the flowers bursting in full bloom, the growth of leaves on the once bare branches of trees, and the bustling sound of children playing outdoors as the snow starts to melt – we are sure that everything feels surreal.

Spring is here and with it comes an assortment of scents that you should check out. Spring fragrances are those that are all about embracing nature in all its glory; it is about rebirth as we welcome a new season characterized by growth and bloom. Fresh and floral fragrances are sure to be a hit after we suffered through the harsh and cold winds of winter, however, the perfect spring scent may be different for different people. Some may feel inclined to go for refreshing and minty aromas, while others may prefer earthy and green scents. For this reason, we offer you a little bit of everything that can freshen up your home during this season.

Here are some of the best candle scent combinations for spring!

Pear and Musk

This pairing will surely bring you back to the days of walking the park with your dog after a rainy evening. It will give you the earthy scent you get after the slight drizzle, and the pear scent will surely give you that hint of freshness you may be looking for during spring. The pear is a perfect accent to the musk because it rounds out the scent really nicely. Other scent notes may be added as well such as a citrus note like a lime or lemon so that it makes the candle brighter and more vibrant in terms of its aroma. If you cannot find musk-scented candles, you can look for substitutes that have fir, cedar, or something similar to have that woody scent.

The idea of pairing up pear and musk for spring is that it will surely give you the impression of the fresh spring because of how nostalgic it is. In general, spring can be represented by fruity aromas coupled with something earthy to ground the whole scent out.

Vanilla and Cocoa

This second combination is completely different than the first one. Both the scent notes of the vanilla and cocoa lean on the more earthy and intense side rather than the fresh and fruity one, however, we think it is still a perfect option for you to try out. Vanilla and cocoa is a classic combination you see in desserts for good reason: it works really well together. In terms of it being used in the spring, the vanilla scent provides a luxurious and calming effect with its aromatic scent, while the cocoa provides that almost earthy and bitter edge to the overall experience. It will almost remind you of wet soil in your yard as you mow your lawn or as you cultivate your flowers in your garden because of the deep scent that this combo gives you.

Vanilla and cocoa also blend well to give you that almost creamy and gourmand scent which is very invigorating after the winter. This is the reason vanilla and cocoa together is something that can be found in a lot of applications. We hope you get to check this out!

Ginger and Basil

Right off the bat, this scent automatically gives you that exotic vibe that can have an awakening and rejuvenating effect for you. This scent combo energizes you by waking up your senses with their intensity. This scent profile is often found in a lot of Asian dishes, but in terms of candle scents, we think that it is quite popular because of how stimulating this scent combo can be.

The zingy ginger scent and the earthy and almost sweet basil aroma complement each other really well. The ginger gives you the top bright and vibrant scent notes while the basil rounds it out and makes the scent be a little more complex. This complexity lends well to your sense of smell because it makes you feel like the candle is much more than it really is because of the levels of scent you get to experience. Ginger and basil together sound delicious in a dish and it works really well because of how these two scent profiles work in tandem with each other – simply put, they elevate each other and their combo is more than the sum of its parts!

Coconut and Jasmine

Coconut and jasmine scents are extremely popular in perfumed body products like soaps and lotions. This is because it gives you flashbacks of the sun hitting your skin as you sip your cocktail while enjoying the beachside. Coconut and jasmine are classic “tropical” scents that remind you of the vacations you used to have, and we think that for this reason, it is the perfect spring scent!

Coconut gives you that nutty, almost milky aroma, and jasmine offers an extremely fragrant floral scent. This pair works well together to give you that luxurious experience because this particular synergy feels like a spa treatment on its own! In the middle of spring where you need as much energy as you can get, we think that opting for a candle that has jasmine and coconut scents can be a really good option for you to get your hands on so you can make your days a bit better.

Citrus and Cedarwood

In short, this pair really works because of the light, bright, and vibrant citrus scent shining through the earthy cedarwood aroma. This combination gives you that smoky and woody scent that is made complex with the zingy, almost sour aroma coming from the citrus. This makes the overall experience more multidimensional and complex rather than a monotone because of the different, albeit pleasant, and complementary smells you get to smell.

This scent combo is sure to fill up a space to awaken your senses because of how intense it is. However, in the middle of spring, we think that this is particularly perfect because you need to feel energized and rejuvenated, and what better way to do that than through this scent combination, right?

Rose and Sage

This last combination is coming a little bit from left field, but the floral rose paired with the cozy sage scent definitely works together extremely well. Sage is often used in meditation and aromatherapy because it induces a sense of calm to help you center yourself as you get to experience its aroma. If you partner it up with the sweet-smelling rose, you would get a scent combo that feels expensive and luxe. Rose and sage in the spring may seem like it would not work because of how intense the scent can be, but we suggest you give it a shot before passing judgment, right?

Conclusion of Best Candle Scent Combinations for Spring

Spring fragrances celebrate nature in honor of welcoming the new season. It is for this reason that floral and fresh scents are popular like that of hydrangeas, rose, fresh-cut grass, and the like. However, the variety of scents that you should try out is practically endless because of how different everyone’s tastes and preferences are. You should always strive to do you and buy the things you like because, at the end of the day, we do all of these things to make us happy. These suggestions are only based on trends and what is popular, so these are mere guides for you to explore so you get to find the best option for yourself. Hidden Candle advocates for your enjoyment and we wish you have the best experience that you can possibly have!

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