Must-Have Candle Accessories for Candle Enthusiasts

If you're obsessed with candles (like us), then we suggest trying out different candle accessories to pair with your candles! You might be thinking: “Candles have accessories? What could they possibly be and what would they do?” Well, yes! Candles have accessories to help improve their longevity by extending their shelf life as well as adding something extra to your candle to give it more personality. These candle accessories are perfect accompaniments for your candle because using the correct tools will give it the best burn. By doing so, you get the most out of it and end up getting a bang for your buck instead of burning your money away. Let's get into some of the must-have candle accessories for candle enthusiasts!

Why should you consider buying candle accessories?

If you have a car, you would want to take care of it using the appropriate materials and equipment, right? You would invest in good accessories like the proper car tools, a good cleaner, useful add-ons like blind spot mirrors, among many others to ensure that your car would remain in the best shape for as long as possible. If you are a chef, you ought to buy a good set of knives, quality ingredients, and good kitchen tools to help you do your job better. You do all of these things for one reason: to improve your efficiency in what you do and to get the most out of the products that you have. The same can be said with candle accessories, too.

There are a plethora of choices of accessories that you can use in order to improve the way you use your candle. Using the correct tools will give you the best burn while giving an “X factor” to your candle because you are doing something that others are not. If you are going to do something, why not do it in style, right? If you are a candle enthusiast, why not commit to it a hundred percent!?

We believe that using candle accessories to improve your experience is a great idea. Here are some of the best candle accessories you can try which make a perfect holiday gift. Furthermore, beyond using these accessories as presents, we think that these accessories can also revolutionize your own candle game, too.

Rechargeable USB-Powered Lighter

If you have a lot of candles to light, you would probably run through a lot of lighters or matches. Imagine if you have a lighter that you would never have to replace? Unless, of course, you misplace or lose it, in which case, you have no one to blame but yourself, haha. However, just imagine if your lighter can last you years without needing a replacement.

Thankfully, there are rechargeable USB-powered lighters that typically rely on using lithium-ion batteries instead of other forms of fuel to light up your candle. Furthermore, this type of lighter is usually flameless and would be helpful if you want to light up a candle in the middle of a windy night. Using this kind of device will surely help you up your candle game because not only does it provide the previously mentioned benefits, but it also gives you a cleaner candle. Lighters and matches can leave soot and dark spots on your candles, but this kind of accessory can help you prevent that problem.

Candle Wick Trimmer

One way to further the longevity of your candle is by shortening your candle wick. You may wonder, how does a candle wick work, and how does trimming it help increase the candle’s shelf life? Candle wicks are usually braided cotton that is used to provide fuel to the flame. It does so by absorbing the wax melted by the flame and “delivering” it into the flame to aid the combustion process, thus keeping the flame lit.

A long candle wick means that you have more area to burn, which would necessitate more fuel. This means that if your candle wick is not trimmed, your candle will hastily get through the wax and you would end up using the entire candle. Furthermore, a shorter candle wick will ensure that your candle does not burn violently which may lead to an unclean burn and a lot of smoke and soot.

We recommend that you keep your candle wick at 1/8 of an inch in terms of length. This is the perfect length to ensure that the quality of burn that you have is clean and bright without excessively using up the wax of your candle. We also suggest that as you light your candle up, firstly melt the top layer of the candle wax to ensure that you have an even burn and sufficient fuel to burn.

Candle Toppers

A candle topper is, as the name suggests, put on top of your candle as an embellishment and a helpful accessory to help your candle burn better. Candle toppers are usually designed for candles that are put in jars like those that are sold in our Hidden Candle store which can be found here!

Candle toppers usually adorn candles because they have unique patterns that may range from cute and chic to sophisticated and romantic, depending on the vibe you are going for. They also have a unique functionality because they are typically designed to guard against drafts and violent gusts of wind. This means that instead of having a flame that dances around (which may also shorten your candle’s shelf-life because it will melt the wax more quickly), you would have a steady and nice burn on your candle.

Candle toppers also serve another purpose: they also help your candle to better retain heat which is necessary to maintain large wax pools. A large wax pool will lead to better a better burn and also lead to your candle emanating a stronger scent. This means that your candle gets to last longer, burn better, and have a better scent throw if you use a candle topper on your candles.

Candle Snuffers

Raise your hand if you extinguish your candle by blowing the flame out! We are pretty sure that a large majority of people do this because we do it, too. However, there is a safer way to extinguish your candle by using a candle snuffer. As the name suggests, candle snuffers are used to snuff the light out of your candle. It does so with the use of the cone-shaped top keeping air away from the flame. Oxygen is vital to keep the flame going, so blocking the air out will eventually extinguish the flame. Candle snuffers can be used for all types of candles, including pillars, tapers, and scented container candles like the ones we have at Hidden Candle.

Candle snuffers help you with your candle experience because it provides a safer way to extinguish your candle. It does so by preventing you from blowing your candle out, which can lead to hot wax flying everywhere. This also means that your wax does not get wasted because it does not get displaced. Finally, candle snuffers also help prevent soot and dirt from your candle.

More than the practical use of candle snuffers, we also feel that people look extra fancy using a candle snuffer! (It just looks boujee!) It usually comes in different styles and different colors, so you can look for those that would fit your personality. Candle snuffers provide both functionality and style so we think that it is a must-have for candle enthusiasts.

candle snuffer

Wick Dippers

Another way to safely extinguish a candle is with the use of a wick dipper. It is less bulky than a traditional candle snuffer, but it does the job quite as well. It does so by pushing the candle wick into the melted candle wax, “drowning” the wick and dousing the flame with wax to extinguish it. Just make sure that after dipping the wax, you immediately pull the wick back out from the pool of wax before it hardens. Otherwise, you might have a problem digging for your wick in the solid wax and you may end up scraping a lot of the wax off before you find the candle wick. This is very impractical because it drastically shortens the shelf-life of your candle.

Wick dippers also come in a lot of styles, so you can also use them to show off a fun way of putting out your candle. It could be aesthetically pleasing if placed beside your collection, so it can both provide functional and aesthetic benefits for your collection.

Conclusion of Must-Have Candle Accessories for Candle Enthusiasts

Those were just a few of the must-have candle accessories for candle enthusiasts! There is so much more to taking care of your candle than what meets the eye. Several tools exist to facilitate a better experience with your candle. Here at Hidden Candle, we strive to help you with your candle experience by providing you with resources to improve the way you use your candles.

Thank you so much for reading our blog. We hope that we were able to help you in some way to enrich your candle experience. Don't forget to check some of our incredible smelling and unique hidden message candles by visiting our shop... Click here!