5 Ways to Repurpose Your Hidden Candle Jar

Candles have become a staple to most homes in the United States of America. In fact, the majority of U.S. consumers use their candles within a week of its purchase, and around three-fourths of these candle users say that they burn through their candles within 4 hours or less! (What can we say? Us Americans love our candles!) More than that, both men and women stated that candles are considered to be highly appropriate gifts for multiple occasions like the holidays, housewarming, thanksgiving, birthdays, and even just dinner parties. This means that the demographic that the candle industry caters to is massive since it can be purchased by anyone to be given to everyone. Ultimately, all of these means that the candle industry produces A LOT of candles because of the high market demand. The National Candle Association stated that U.S. consumers buy candles so much that the manufacturers use up to one billion pounds of wax to form these candles. Since there is a lot of candles produced, of course, there is also a lot of packaging used to produce these candles. We found ways to repurpose your Hidden Candle jar for you!

Most candles are packaged using containers and jars. Brands, including ours, that are considered to be on the luxurious end of the spectrum tend to spend more on glamorizing their packaging to ensure that it would entice the customers to buy their products. Containers and jars are the most popular and preferred type of candles of American consumers, so brands will take advantage of this knowledge and invest in making their jars stunningly beautiful. After all, candles are a full-sensory experience, and beyond the scent your candle gives off, they should also have a visual impact to attract your visitors. This can be in the form of meticulous shapes, vivid colors, or the material of the packaging itself.

Like what was said, since there is a lot of candles getting sold, a lot of packaging gets wasted as well. This is why in Hidden Candle, we opted to have chic and elegant packaging that can be repurposed in multiple ways. It is not a tacky design that can no longer be displayed once all of the wax gets melted, rather, the sleek white jar can be recycled in a lot of ways so that everything you buy from us reaches its full potential. We ensure that you get your money’s worth! Furthermore, this is in line with our principles and our commitment to be eco-friendly and be environmentally conscious. This is why our products use 100% natural soy wax, cotton wicks, and the best quality essential oils to produce a “clean” burn, unlike other candles.

Without further ado, here are some ways you can repurpose your candle jar:

Use Your Candle Jar As a Pen Holder

The first thing that we can suggest for you once you run through your candle completely is that you can turn it into a pen holder! Once you finish your candle, simply scrape off the remaining wax that did not completely melt off (set aside for later. Read through this post to see what else you can do with the remaining wax). Make sure to clean the jar very well. You can gently heat the jar for a few seconds at a time to melt off some minute amounts of wax that you were not able to completely clean off. Wash with warm and soapy water and let it dry. After you have done all of this preparatory work, you may simply use the now-clean jar as a pen holder as is. However, we think that you can opt to customize the jar since it is a good blank canvas to have. You can use permanent markers to put on some drawings and doodles that match your personality, or write your name using calligraphy if that is something you are into! You can take it as far as your mind and creativity can take you. Do anything you can think of because the sky is the limit.

This pen holder can last you for a very long time. It would be a practical way to use your candle jar instead of just throwing it away or leaving it empty. Try it out!

pen in candle holder

Plant Succulents Into Candle Jar

Another way to repurpose your used jar is to plant some succulents into it. Any plants that need minimal watering will also do. This will only work for these types of plants since the bottom of the jar does not have holes as drainage, so the liquid will pool if you constantly water the plant in this type of jar.

The plain white color of our jar will suit well to the green color of plants. First, you should do all the previously mentioned preparation to use your jar; remove the remaining wax, wash thoroughly, and pat dry until use. Then, you may put an ample amount of soil into the jar without compressing it too much. The soil should be well aerated to allow for a better-growing plant because an extremely compacted soil will make it difficult for a plant to get its nutrients. Once you accomplish this, you may plant your desired succulent. Finally, you can put some nice-looking pebbles on top of the soil to make it more aesthetically pleasing. This suggestion will surely put your used jar to good use!

plant in candle jar

Use Candle Jar As a Snack Jar

The next way you can use your jar is to store some snacks, particularly those that are sealed with a wrapper. This includes candies, chocolate bars, granola, and the like. Any snack will do as long as it is sealed appropriately since it may attract ants otherwise. For this reason, we also recommend that you use the jar to store mini snacks that you can consume in one sitting, rather than those that take a long time to finish.

To create your snack jar, you should prepare the jar as previously instructed. Then, once it is clean and usable, store your desired snacks inside. You can even use multiple jars for multiple “classes” of candies. For example, one jar will be for your chocolate snacks, then another will be for your strawberry-flavored snacks, then another for citrus snacks, and the like. You can design the jar with permanent markers or stickers to differentiate what type of snacks are put inside the jars. Label makers can be a good tool as well. We think that you should attempt to make these snack jars since this will truly maximize the jars to be used way after your candle has run out.

Organize Your Cosmetics

In this day and age of beauty vloggers, YouTube influencers, and TikTokers, today’s generation has grown up to be more conscious of their looks. Whether or not that’s a good or a bad thing is up to you to decide. However, because of these beauty standards, a lot of the youth today have started to use makeup and other cosmetic products at an early age.

One problem that frequently comes up with these beauty products is that there’s too much product that’s lying around and everything is chaotic that needs to be organized. As you might have guessed, that is where the jars come into the picture. We think that once all the candle has melted, you can use our elegant jar as a way to store your makeup products and tools. It would be perfect for makeup brushes, tall spray bottles of setting mist, makeup removers, and even those eyeshadow pallets that can fit. Then, as you did with your snack jars, you can also use these as organizers to separate and classify your products. Just make sure to label it appropriately.

makeup in candle jar

Store Kitchen Items

Another way to recycle these jars is to use them in the kitchen. Since Hidden Candle uses 100% natural soy wax, as long as you thoroughly wash and prepare the jar, this jar is safe to use to store some kitchen items. Take note, however, that the jar is not airtight, so you cannot store things that will get bad or attract insects in this. We suggest that you use this to store salt, some dry spices like peppercorns, and even some store-bought, dried, small pasta like macaroni, orecchiette, penne, ditalini, fusilli, pasta shells, and even your ABC pasta. We think that this will be an extremely pleasing way to package your kitchen items as well, especially with today’s trend of “minimalist” designs that usually use colors with white, gray, or black tones. The package itself also has a nice wooden topper so you can use it to cover whatever it is you decide to store inside.

Bonus! Make a New Candle

As we have said above, before repurposeing your candle jars, you need to prepare the jar by firstly removing any residual wax that was left behind because the wax did not melt off evenly. We suggest that you collect this residual wax and set it aside. For best results, you should separate the residual wax by scent so that the new candle you make is not confusing because it contains clashing scents in the candle.

Once you have an ample amount of residual wax, melt everything a few seconds at a time. You should not blast it with aggressive heat, rather, it should be melted gently. Once everything is fully melted, you should use one of your empty jars and stick a wick on the base (cotton wicks are pretty easy to find). Slowly pour the melted wax and let it harden. You may also add essential oil if necessary.

Now, we know we said five ways to repurpose your jar in the title, but this sixth one does not count as repurposing since you’re using it for the same purpose! Anyway, we hope you get to try doing this one at home!

Conclusion of 5 Ways to Repurpose Your Hidden Candle Jar

In conclusion, we want everyone who reads this blog post to be conscious of the way they use their products. Everyone should recalibrate the way they think, especially with the current situation of our world that’s rapidly deteriorating. Yes, these are small steps you take, but if we do it collectively, it would surely make an impact on preserving our environment. However, beyond this “philanthropic” cause, we hope that this blog also gave ideas to help you be more resourceful and organized. We think that these creative ways to repurpose your candle jar are something worth trying, especially since we believe that once you experience our candles, you will surely keep on buying them, so you would have more jars that would eventually pile up!

Thank you so much for reading our blog, and we hope that you get to check out our incredible smelling candles at Hidden Candle. Our candles have hidden messages inside of them - so not only are they candles, but they're also experiences, too. You can check all of our beautiful products out here!