Set the Mood: Ways a Hidden Candle Can Help You

When friends and family are around, it's always great to have the festivities going with a good ambiance and joyful atmosphere. You can do this through various means; you can start decorating your place with lights and posters, prepare platters of food, play joyous music to engage the crowd, and even light a candle to set the mood.

Aromatherapy is not new to anyone. It means that you use your olfaction or sense of smell to promote wellbeing. It uses plant extracts and essential oils to improve your mind, body, and spirit through using the serene atmosphere and scent produced by whatever product you are using. There have been claims that stimulating your brain and your body in such a way can help alleviate stress and anxiety, so these psychological benefits are definite positives. There are multiple ways you can do aromatherapy: you can incorporate the essential oil into your diffusers, spritzers, bathing salts, lotions, and even facial steamers and allow the scent to overcome your senses. Another way to do it is by using candles with a good quality scent that will help you achieve serenity and calm.

The use of candles in the United States is not new. You can see it in a lot of households wherever you might go. It provides you with a lot of benefits: it may visually please your visitors if the candle has elegant packaging and it burns “clean” i.e. they do not leave excessive smoke and dark soot. Furthermore, a candle helps you create a serene ambiance by leaving a unique scent. This can help you manipulate the mood within a space by using specific scents that promote different emotions and feelings. We believe that the right scent makes all the difference in the world to help you set the tone of a place.

Candles Help Promote Joy and Happiness

As previously mentioned, a candle can help encourage a certain mood depending on the scent it gives. Everyone is always down to have a good time and make happy memories. Lighting candles can be one way to help you achieve that. In particular, we suggest that you light candles with a “bright” scent i.e. fruity and floral smells that will lighten up the atmosphere! (Pun fully intended).

Here at Hidden Candle, we have the perfect candles for you to check out. One of our favorites is our Ocean Bliss candle - which is available as a part of our Love Letter and Fortune collections. It is, like all of our products, made up of 100% natural soy wax with a cotton wick and uses the best quality fragrance oils. The top notes of scent you get are that of ozone and citrus, then followed by honeydew melon and violets, then finally oakmoss and ozone once more. It makes you think of certain times you spent at the beach watching the waves crash against the shore, washing all your problems away. The sweet and citrus smell will make you think of a vast field where you ran around years ago. As the candle burns, we want you to have not just a “good-smelling room”, rather, we want you to have an experience that is unlike any other you have felt before. Finally, as the candle melts, you get the secret message embedded in the wax that is unique to our brand. You can have it with a Fortune messages or the Love Letter message:

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Spice Up the Atmosphere with Romance

Aside from making you happy, a candle can also help you set the mood for a romantic night. Imagine spending the night with your significant other, looking at each other across the table and staring lovingly towards one another. Perhaps you can spend it lying beside each other on the couch as you watch your favorite romance film! On top of all of these, however, you can also light up a candle and help increase that sense of intimacy between one another. Blossoming Love is the perfect candle for you.

Blossoming Love is made up of the same aforementioned base ingredients, distinguished only by the different essential oils used to scent this candle. Its delicate scent perfectly blends fruity and floral in a nice and pleasing manner. The unique fragrance encapsulated within this candle can help fill any room with romance with its natural sweetness that smells of apple, peach, and grapefruit at the top. At the middle, it smells of cherry blossoms and hydrangeas, and at the base, it smells of vanilla and powder. Blossoming Love, as the name suggests, helps you create that loving atmosphere. On top of a wonderfully planned evening with chocolates and flowers? You are surely guaranteed a romantic evening.

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Create a Reflective and Solemn Mood with Your Candle

As you spend the night reflecting upon your decisions and your current disposition, you are bound to feel anxious and unsure. Life is full of uncertainties, so these moments of solemnity are inevitable and necessary. You may recall major events in your life like a wedding, a birthday, or a graduation party. You may also contemplate certain decisions you have made in the past. All these times you spend on overthinking can be overwhelming for anyone, so we recommend that you take a second and light a candle to help soothe your senses and calm you down.

Under the Stars is a candle we specifically made to invigorate your senses. It captures the fragrance of the sea air while incorporating notes of fresh cologne and masculinity to help you ground yourself. The kind of scent that you get with this candle is usually associated with stability and being grounded, so we think that it would be nice to have this candle lit as you reflect and meditate. It has a citrus, sea salt, and ozone scent at the top, plum and cardamom at the middle, and amber and dark musk at the base. These scent combinations were formulated to give you a sense of someone giving you a warm hug, or someone standing beside you guarding you against your fears, or even lying on a meadow with someone as you both gaze at the sky, looking at constellations. That is where Under the Stars got its name. 

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Check out our Under the Stars (Love Letter Collection) candle by clicking here.

Why Use Candles?

You might be wondering: “why will I use candles to help me?” We have a lot of answers for that!

  1. Candles are not messy. As we said before, one way you can set the mood is by decorating a place and preparing tons of food for you and other people to enjoy. While you may definitely still do this, candles are comparatively less messy relative to the former.
  2. Candles are portable. It is so easy to carry around a candle and shop for it. You do not need a big space, a moving truck, or a massive trolley to help set it up. It’s something you can bring on your own and it is so convenient for anyone.
  3. It is inexpensive. Compared to the alternative, lighting a candle is far more economical and cheap. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars as you do with professional aromatherapy, nor do you have to invest a lot of money like you do for other things to “set the mood”.
  4. Candles are a sensory experience. Candles engage all your senses, unlike any other ways you might want to try. You can smell it, hear the light flickering sound, see the beautiful light and jar it’s packaged in, and feel its weight and warmth. It helps you destress and pamper yourself as well, so we think it is something that is worth trying out.
  5. There are endless varieties to check out. There are a plethora of options you can check out from all over the internet, including the candles we have previously suggested. You can explore multiple options and not constrain yourself with limited varieties.

Conclusion of Ways to Set the Mood with a Candle

Candles are more than mere props you can put up and forget about. They have a lot of potential to be something if you use them wisely, especially if you pick a great candle! Here at Hidden Candle, we offer you great quality candles, meticulously handmade using 100% natural soy wax, cotton wick, and essential oils and fragrance. Additionally, there’s a secret message protected by a glass vial that gets slowly revealed as your candle melts. All of these are put in a beautiful glass jar that you can repurpose after you run out of the candle. The products are also vegan-friendly, free of additives, paraben-free, and cruelty-free as well. Shop our products from our website by clicking here.