Top Scent Combinations for Candles

Finding the perfect scents can be difficult. There are so many difficult combinations that you can choose from and determining the top scent combinations for candles can be a hard task. You have to consider the ambiance and atmosphere you are trying to achieve, the event or celebration where the scent will be used, and even the season you are in.

The perfect candle scent combination is very important, although the task of doing so can be a little challenging. However, the first step is to understand the type of smell you are looking for; do you want a mild and bright scent like citrus and herbs or something earthy and grounded like musk and wood? The next step is choosing scents that complement each other and are not overpowering. Having a combination of scents that is too intense may very well lead to an extremely unpleasant experience for both you and others. This smell can be very hard to ignore and often overpowers an experience due to the unpleasant smell.

Importance of the Perfect Scent Combination

The perfect combination of two scents can make or break a candle. It can provide you with the most pleasant and nostalgic experience, or it can completely ruin your mood. In fact, in a lot of places, they use aroma and scented candles in order to create an atmosphere suited for them. Restaurants can use scented candles that give off a romantic scent, a study cafe may use clean-smelling candles to help their customers focus, or a homeowner can use candles to remind them of childhood memories. Scents can play these vital roles.

The perfect scent combination can be a little bit difficult to find, but knowing what works and what does not can help make things easier for you. Here are some of the scent combinations that you should check out!

Lemon and Lavender

This first scent combination may be a little bit of a surprise. However, the scent of lemons and lavenders go hand in hand because the lemon notes complement the floral notes coming from the lavender. The restful and serene experience you get with lavender is brightened up by the citrus scent you get from lemons. In general, a lot of floral scents go hand in hand with citrus notes because the bright scent from citrus often cuts through the mild and rounded scent you get with floral scents. Essentially, this adds a layer of complexity to your candle’s scent and prevents it from being a completely monotonous experience.

Cinnamon and OrangeThe spicy, almost earthy notes you get from cinnamon and the sweet and bright scent you get from orange are some of the most commonly used scents in tandem with each other. Cinnamon tends to be extremely overpowering, albeit most people find its scent extremely pleasant. If you couple it with the tang and sweetness you get from oranges, it creates an experience that can only be described as delicious. It will remind you of a sweet dessert that you would want to keep on eating because of how this scent combination smells. Furthermore, it will help you reminisce about your experiences in cafes, dessert shops, and bakeries! You can also look for those with notes of nutmeg, ginger, or clove to give that holiday vibe. We are certain that this combo packs a punch!

candle scent combinations

Plum and Cardamom

The rich scent of plums and the complex smell of cardamom will certainly give you a luxurious scent combo. Plum scents often mix well with florals and spices, so it is not a complete surprise to have this combination here. However, cardamom in particular has a very fresh and slightly menthol effect that blends extremely well with plums. The woody and spicy undertone you get from this scent combo lean more masculine because of how musky it can smell, however, it does smell extremely pleasant.

This scent combo is present in our Under The Stars candle from our Fortune ( and Love Letter ( collection. You can visit our shop to have a look!

Rosemary, Thyme, and Cedarwood

Rosemary and thyme are a classic combination that you find in culinary applications, particularly in steaks. This is no surprise because these herbs are extremely complementary in terms of how their aromas interplay. If you have the scent of cedarwood added into the mix, it changes the dynamics of the scent completely and it creates this masculine and woody scent that some people may find to be very appealing. If you cannot find cedarwood, you can also opt for candles with spruce or fir in replacement.

Apple, Cherry, and Vanilla

The scents of apples, cherries, and vanilla are probably very familiar and you might have smelled it from a pie or a cake before. It has a clean and romantic scent that can brighten up a room with its natural sweetness. Furthermore, these scents are often used on dates and other romantic festivities because this blend often triggers positive memories with a lot of people. One of our candles called Blossoming Love has this combination, and you can buy it from our Fortune collection or our Love Letter collection! 

candle scent combinations

Eucalyptus and Lavender

Lavender is a very popular oil used in a lot of candles, so it makes a second appearance here. Aside from pairing well with lemons, it can also be used together with eucalyptus for that fresh scent you are looking for! Lavender has a signature powdery scent and partnering it up with the intense and cool scent of eucalyptus will give you a wonderful duo. This light and bright blend will surely do well on joyous occasions because it would truly lighten up the atmosphere with its unique, albeit intense aroma.

Melon and Violet

Another fruit and floral scent combo that we suggest you check out for yourself. Melons are known for their refreshing scent, often used to exude a tropical atmosphere. Coupled with the scent of violets, it creates this wonderful and calming combo that, oddly enough, can remind you of the seaside because of how fresh and cool the scent is. This combination can be extremely nostalgic because it can remind you of the times you dug your feet in the warm sand as you took in the cool ocean breeze.

Our Ocean Bliss candle from our Fortune collection and Love Letter collection have this exact scent combo.

Lime and Basil

A signature scent combo that you often find in Thai cuisines, lime and basil is sure to give a wonderful experience. The aromatic lime and the bright basil scents are extremely popular together for good reason: it smells really good! This is because basil smells sweet, a little herbaceous, and even spicy like cinnamon and licorice. These kinds of smell often blend well with a sharp and bright scent, which is why basil pairs extremely well with limes. It has an addictive and vibrant fragrance with a little peppery edge coming from the basil. We recommend this scent combo if you are a fan of those things!

Tangerine and Peppercorn

The spicy scent derived from peppercorn and the sweet and bright smell from tangerines can be your new favorite. Yes, it does sound a little bit weird, but if you think about it, it does make sense. The spicy peppers can be extremely overwhelming if you have them on their own, however, if you add in something that can cut through the intense spice of the peppercorn and mellow it out, it can be extremely pleasant. The sweet tangerine scent tempers the peppercorn and we think that these two together can provide you with a unique experience unlike any other.

Conclusion of Top Scent Combinations for Candles

The possibilities are endless when it comes to these scent combos because there are hundreds, even thousands of scent varieties that you can check out. If you can think of it, it probably already exists somewhere out there! Therefore, do not hesitate to keep exploring because finding a good scented candle to decorate your home with can elevate your experience. It will make a room feel cozier, more intimate, and even romantic depending on the type of candle you choose to implement. The sky is the limit with this one, and we offer some of the best ones in our shop here at Hidden Candle!

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