When to Light a Candle

Candle lighting has always had this association with peace and serenity that people thought you can only light candles at a certain time and on specific occasions. For example, people only tend to light their candles at celebrations and parties because it provides a calm ambiance for the crowd. Furthermore, beyond the “aura” it gives, it also serves as eye candy because the dim light coming from a candle is so pleasant to look at. However, there's no right or wrong time on when to light a candle!

There is so much more we could do with our candles beyond those rare instances of celebration. We're candle enthusiasts, so we think we should make us of our candles by incorporating them into our lives as much as possible. (Which is pretty much daily!)

Historical Use of Candles

For the longest time, candles have been used in sacred ceremonies to provide a serene ambiance to a space. It fills up an area with a certain sense of calm which is not easily achieved through other means. The minimal light that emanates from the candle and its unique scent that permeates your nose brings forth a peaceful sanctuary that lends itself well to certain celebrations. These include religious sacraments, rituals, and other ceremonies that need this serenity.

Burning candles can actually provide a lot of positive mental benefits for you. They can help increase focus, trigger positive memories, improve your mood, and provide a night of better sleep, among a lot of others as well. This is very important because knowing these positive impacts that candles can bring means that you can take advantage of this and incorporate candles in other aspects of your lives as well. This means that candles can be used for more than just a candlelit dinner and other special occasions. You can also use them for mundane, everyday activities, and you will still benefit from it regardless.

When to Light a Candle

When You Wake Up

Upon arising, we recommend that you light a candle immediately. It helps bring a sense of clarity and focus that will benefit you throughout the day. We tend to be groggy and possibly irritable when we wake up, so lighting a candle is a great idea after you wake up. Aside from the focus you get from lighting a candle up, you can also achieve a sense of calmness that will definitely be a good start to anyone’s day. No one likes waking up angry so we think a candle may possibly do the trick to help brighten your morning, both literally and figuratively.

When doing this, we recommend that you use a candle with a fresh scent. You can use a candle with citrus or fruity notes that will brighten up the ambiance. We'd recommend our Ocean Bliss candle which you can find by clicking here. It smells fresh, clean, and can be related to that beautiful ocean wave scent.

When Taking a Bubble Bath

There are days when you just want to sit in a bathtub to stare into space whilst enjoying the bath you are having. It is possibly one of the most relaxing and cathartic feelings you can have because you are simply enjoying the calm and serene ambiance around you. A lot of people use bath salts, bath bombs, even flower petals to further enhance the atmosphere while they are taking a bath. The premise behind this is that it provides a visual impact and also a wonderful scent to pair with it. We suggest that you take it a step further and light one or more candles while taking a bath.

We have been saying that candles have a calming effect and can help set the mood in a certain environment. When you are having a bubble bath, having a candle lit up beside you helps elevate your experience. It simply allows you to enjoy a full sensory experience because you engage all of your senses; you watch the flickering candle flame and you get to smell the scent that is wafting the air around you. We think that this will be a good idea to incorporate into your bath routine and we hope that you get to try this out. We think that you can do this on your own or with your partner in order to enhance the romantic atmosphere enveloping both of you.

For when you want to use a candle when taking a bath, we recommend that you use a candle with floral notes in it. It creates a warm and luxurious ambiance that you will definitely enjoy. If you want romance, we have the perfect candle for you. Blossoming Love from our Love Letter Collection is a sure-fire way to give you that atmosphere you are looking for. The scent is the perfect mix of fruity and floral. Check it out here!

When You're Studying

If you are trying to revise for a test that is fast approaching, lighting a candle should be a priority! Candles provide a focal point to help you concentrate and get rid of other distractions that might cause you to lose focus. A lit candle brings a sense of serenity that you otherwise would not have. How else would you prefer to study if not in a peaceful environment, right!?

If you are trying to study, light a candle and put it near you. You can choose to use a candle of your liking, but we recommend our Under the Stars candle. It is a fragrance that captures freshness and vigor, which we think are both helpful to help you increase your focus. Our hidden message candles have secret messages inside of them - and those from our Fortune collection will hopefully bring you good luck with your exams! Shop Under the Stars here!

While Meditating

Candles have played a crucial role in a lot of meditation practices in multiple cultures. They believe that it is because focusing on a single object helps you clear your mind and increase your ability to concentrate. In this case, a lighted candle allows you to focus your sight towards the flickering flame for a prolonged period of time. This facilitates a better meditative state because it calibrates your mind and puts it into focus. Furthermore, there have been beliefs that candles can also impart healing properties to a person. There are spiritual beliefs that are linked to candles and it adds a sense of reverence during meditation.

Aside from all that has been mentioned, the right scented candle is pleasing for anyone who wishes to meditate. This helps you achieve a better ambiance because it envelopes you with a serene atmosphere that you otherwise would not have. It is not a coincidence that candles have been used in meditation for the longest time!

When Falling Asleep

Before going to bed, we recommend that you light a candle in your room for at least an hour before going to sleep. This is so when you go to bed, your room is filled with the scent of the candle you have chosen to use. We do not advise that you allow your candle to stay lit for the entire night, but just before sleeping, you can blow it out.

Sleeping is one of the most important activities because it resets our minds and helps us prepare for the next day. A lack of sleep can result in a worse day after, therefore, getting a good quality of sleep is very important. Lighting a candle before you sleep will help set the mood and calm you down before you go to bed. An active mind full of distractions will surely keep you awake, so a candle to help center you and decompress is definitely a good idea to try out. Furthermore, candlelit evenings can help encourage natural sleep rhythms and help lower stress, blood pressure, and heart rate. This ensures that you will maintain an optimal state of relaxation which will increase your quality of sleep.

Conclusion of When to Light a Candle

So, the answer to 'when to light a candle' is whenever you want! Candles can be more than how we usually perceive them to be. They are not just displayed to help improve a certain place or a décor that you get to use once every few weeks. We recommend that you choose to explore some of our suggestions and see if they help you out the way they did with us. Candle lighting can be an experience in itself if we appreciate the way it can improve our daily living.

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